Distinctive Design and Decorative Arts:The Birthplace of American Architecture

A journey through Essex County puts visitors in touch with more than three centuries of American architecture. Stand in the footsteps of accused and accuser in the homes of "bewitched girl" Ann Putnam Jr. and Rebecca Nurse, executed during the witch hysteria that gripped Salem and Danvers in 1692. Visit homes built by pivotal figures of the Revolutionary War including Judge Samuel Holten, framer of the Articles of Confederation. Marvel at the grand homes of North Shore's most prosperous 19th-century merchants such as Marblehead's Jeremiah Lee and Gloucester's Captain Elias Davis. Stroll the main streets of revitalized industrial towns like Amesbury and Newburyport, now home to vibrant arts communities, charming local shops, and delicious restaurants. Click on the links above to plan your escape.